THANK YOU for Giving Deb her Independence!

Last month, we asked for your help and you answered our call! Deb, 57, is a career nurse suffering from a neurological disease that limits the use of her legs, and she is currently confined to a wheelchair. We asked you to help us by donating or volunteering so we could build a ramp for Deb, making it possible for her leave her home. With the support of many generous donors and hard work of volunteers, we were able to raise the funding needed to design and install a ramp for Deb through BarnRaisings! On January 19th & 20th, our volunteers braved the cold to install the ramp for Deb, restoring her independence. THANK YOU!

We would like to give a special thanks to Jon Rol, a general contractor, who volunteered to help install Deb’s ramp. Jon brought his tools and expertise, both of which we appreciate!