Volunteer Highlight: Greg Krenz

We would like to send a special thanks to Greg Krenz, a retired Board member and a long-time MidCountry Bank volunteer.  Greg recently became one of our first Project Leaders. 

Our Project Leaders are individual volunteers who help Rebuilding Together Twin Cities lead and manage our home repair projects. They are independent of any sponsor group and are critical to our ability to continue to expand our services so we can help more people in need live in safe and healthy homes.

Greg supervised and led three teams of volunteers as they installed flooring, painted, and landscaped. On large projects, it is impossible for the Rebuilding Together staff person to effectively manage 15 volunteers, especially if a group needs extra attention due to the complexity of the work. Having someone like Greg serve as a Project Leader is a force multiplier that allows us to work more efficiently and provide a higher quality of work. Project Leaders like Greg also facilitate better volunteer engagement and ultimately more projects each year.

Thanks Greg!

Thanks to the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation

We are thrilled to share that the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation gave us $10,000 to support safe and healthy housing repairs for families in need in the Twin Cities.  This grant will support 20 home repair projects for low-income families with children.  We are grateful for the generosity and support of the Schulze Family Foundation!

Homeowner Sends Special Thank You

One of the homeowners we recently helped sent a note to our team with a special gift – a piece of crockery!  In her note, she wrote, “You have worked so hard to bring me such a glorious deck and stairs. It has been a long haul.  I am almost speechless with gratitude.  You deserve a great boon, but you are getting silly crockery.”  The relationships that we develop with our homeowners are extremely special, and we love hearing about the impact our work has on their lives!