Farewell from Rebuilding Together National CEO Gary Officer

Dear Friends,

Earlier this month I tendered my resignation to the Board of Directors at Rebuilding Together after six and a half years of service to this wonderful organization. My resignation followed months of discussions about the organization’s future priorities, and how to best position our wonderful affiliates to better serve the critical needs of their communities.  My resignation was planned and without regret, and I will continue to work with the board through the transition.

My tenure as the President and CEO of Rebuilding Together occurred during a period of tremendous growth for the organization. Our growth, impact, and ability to meet the housing needs of hardworking families, occurred because we were able to tap the very best of our national spirit. We successfully marshaled the will of our nation’s volunteers; the genius of our charitable impulse; and our common concern and empathy for our neighbors in need. These noble traits, rolled into one, provided the critical foundation for our work, and the execution of our mission.

As volunteers, sponsors, donors, and partners alike, each of you played an essential role in the success of our work. We simply could not have advanced our agenda – our mission, without your support. To each of you, I want to extend a personal and heartfelt thank you.

My departure, however, should not distract from the fundamental importance of our vision of a safe and healthy home for every person. More than ever, low- and moderate-income families need the support of organizations like Rebuilding Together. Our ability to perform renovations and repairs on the homes of deserving families – free of charge – provides much needed relief and security at a time of continued economic uncertainty. The preservation of the home contributes so much to the well-being of the family. Quality homeownership provides the primary source for inter-generational wealth transfer, positively affects educational outcomes, and is a major contributor towards health outcomes for family members. Your continued support is needed.

As Rebuilding Together undertakes this important leadership transition in the months ahead, I am confident that this critical nonprofit and network of almost 200 affiliates will continue the important work that has characterized our history. I would like to thank you for your encouragement and friendship during my tenure, but more importantly, for your continued support for this incredible organization as we seek to assist as many needy families as our resources will allow.

With gratitude,

Gary A. Officer