“Most Valuable Volunteer” Green Hammer Awards at GLS Companies Home Repair Project

We recently partnered with volunteers from GLS Companies to make repairs for a St. Paul homeowner named Kathy.  Kathy is the proud mother of five children – three in college and two who are still living at home.  As a single mother, Kathy was struggling to keep up with maintenance and repairs to her home.  The volunteers from GLS Companies replaced the front and rear doors, repaired and removed cabinets and installed flooring in the kitchen, repaired and painted walls throughout the home, removed carpeting in the living room, installed security lights, replaced the sink and toilet in the bathroom, replaced a window on the front porch, and made several other minor repairs and improvements.  The sponsorship from GLS Companies also covered the cost of having Kathy’s roof repaired.

Among the day’s highlights were the “Most Valuable Volunteer” Green Hammer Awards, which were presented to two outstanding volunteers from GLS – Jim Benedict and Dan “Dusty” Dustin.  Congratulations to both of you and thank you for your hard work!

Thanks to GLS Companies for providing the resources necessary to complete this project and to the awesome GLS volunteer team who worked incredibly hard to help Kathy and her family live more safely and comfortably in their home!