Thanks to Wells Fargo!

We are incredibly grateful for the support and hard work of our friends at Wells Fargo.  This year, we partnered with 108 Wells Fargo volunteers to repair five homes and make improvements to Rondo Park. 

Marvin Anderson, Co-founder of Rondo Avenue Inc. and Chair of ReConnectRondo, said “On behalf of the Rondo Commemorative Plaza, I want to extend our most sincere thanks to the Wells Fargo volunteers who participated in the work assignment yesterday afternoon at the plaza. From the start to the finish, from one end to the other, the volunteers approached the hard tasks – staining the benches, pulling the weeds, cutting the grass and the general clean-up of the site with an enthusiasm and joy rarely seen in organizations such as ours. Because of their work, the plaza is primed, ready and looking good for all of the dignitaries, guests and visitors expected to attend the brick installation ceremony.”

Wells Fargo has been an invaluable partner to our organization for many years.  Over the last 10 years, 1,103 volunteers have given 8,995 hours of service, and Wells Fargo has donated $540,000 to support our work in the Twin Cities community.