Honeywell and Cooper High School Students Revitalize Weida Park in Saint Paul

On May 7th, more than 100 volunteers from Honeywell and Cooper High School came together to provide improvements and upgrades at Eileen Weida Park in St. Paul.  The Honeywell volunteers and Cooper High School students spent the day installing new basketball hoops, building a community garden and benches, installing another access point to the park, refilling the sandbox area and performing other landscaping work.

“The City maintains hundreds of parks, and volunteer efforts such as this can take a neighborhood park from good to great,” said Amy Brendmoen, Saint Paul Councilmember, Ward 5. “We are so grateful for the work performed today by our friends at Honeywell and Cooper High.”

Weida Park is located in the Railroad Island neighborhood in St. Paul, designated as the sixth poorest area in Minnesota as indicated by geographic delineation. The City of St. Paul has been working in partnership with the Railroad Island Task Force and East Side Neighborhood Development Company to improve the area and support projects like this one.

This project is the 37th local collaborative project between Honeywell and Rebuilding Together Twin Cities. Honeywell has been a national sponsor for Rebuilding Together since 2003; and to date, approximately 17,500 Honeywell volunteers have repaired more than 500 homes and nonprofit centers in communities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  We really appreciate the support and hard work of Honeywell and Cooper High School!