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Help South Minneapolis Siblings Repair their Lifelong Home

Katherine, Kristine, and David are all siblings, they have lived in a triplex in South Minneapolis for thirty-five years. Twenty-three years ago they were awarded a community grant to work on their home. The contractor left in the middle of the project and never finished the home. The siblings have been living in unfinished conditions, trying to fight the injustice that had been done to them, by the contractor leaving them in the middle of a project, after having been paid in full prior to completion of the project. They have recently reached out to community groups, including Rebuilding Together Twin Cities, to have work done in their home to make it a functional living space for them. We are planning partner with other community groups to provide this family with a safe and healthy home.

All three siblings suffer from chronic back pain and are unable to work. Kristine is an artist and uses the main floor as her art studio. She paints with almost any medium.

Please help us help this family return their home to a livable condition by making a donation today through BarnRaisings.