Thanks To…

Catholic Heart Workcamp – Completed the Wieda Park basketball court project and maintenance on a ramp.

Mariette Cole, Wesley Anderson & Stephen Ivancic – Our incredible Safe at Home team.  AmeriCorps member Chris Lyle said of this team, “Their quality of work is beyond expectations and they are absolutely wonderful people.”

Mounds Park United Methodist Church Urban CROSS Program – These awesome volunteers installed safety modifications to help homeowners stay safe and secure in their homes.

TechDump Event – Thank you again to everyone who donated their old electronics at our TechDump event last month!  The proceeds from this event will help homeowners in need in our community.

MidCountry Bank Helps a Veteran in Need

On June 17th, volunteers from MidCountry Bank descended on the home of a veteran in Saint Paul to provide critical repairs to his home.  Volunteers replaced the lower kitchen cabinets and painted all of the ceilings and walls in the first floor. They also repaired drywall where the plumber had to open the wall for the plumbing repairs.  We truly appreciate the support of MidCountry Bank and the hard work of their employee-volunteers each year.  They have been supporting our efforts to help revitalize homes and communities in the Twin Cities for ten years.  Thank you!

New Opportunity: iHeartVolunteers

We are volunteers! It’s what we do, but why? There are a number of reasons, such as, socialization, personal growth, stress reduction, a resume builder or to simply serve. Although we get a lot from volunteering, organizations and the individuals they serve are equally impacted by our service.

Volunteering for Rebuilding Together Twin Cities (RTTC) offers all of the above. The social aspect is covered; working with a team is a great way to bond and network. Personally, you can learn valuable skills that can be applied to everyday life, like installing kitchen appliances. Nothing reduces stress like upgrading a home; there is a lot of satisfaction that comes from repairing a wall or doing landscaping. Volunteerism always boosts the resume, being an RTTC volunteer will let employers know you are a team player that can get things done. To top it all off, RTTC service improves the lives of the people in our communities.

Volunteers are awesome. We realized this one day and set about to make the world a better place, a place where volunteers can meet other volunteers. We started iHeartVolunteers, the dating site for people who volunteer. We know a lot of couples that married after meeting as volunteers, in fact, it is a great place to do so, but it’s not always possible to make those connections on site while volunteering.

Have no fear, iHeartVolunteers is here to help. We want to make meeting other volunteers easy, fun, and charitable. We donate 10% of our profits back to our members’ organizations, and we verify that people have actually volunteered. Bringing great people together is our mission.

Rebuilding Together Twin Cities is an amazing organization, and being an RTTC volunteer is a fulfilling experience. If you are looking to socialize, relieve some stress, or learn new skills RTTC is the place to do it. If you are looking to meet a partner that shares your core volunteer values, check out iHeartVolunteers. Currently, we are offering a limited time, free 3-month subscription to all verified volunteers while our community grows. Sign up today and join our community of like-minded individuals!

Do good. Together.

Shelly & Chris Zenner, Co-founders, iHeartVolunteers

Wells Fargo Repairs Three Homes

Thanks to Wells Fargo and more than 100 employee volunteers who joined us earlier this month to provide repairs for three low-income families in our community.  One of the families we assisted, Jim and Sai, worked side-by-side with the volunteers to repair their Saint Paul home.  Volunteers from Wells Fargo installed over 80 feet of gutter and 150 feet of connected drain tile to help control and repair damage caused by erosion at the home.  Volunteers also painted two rooms and laid new flooring in another room.

In addition, we removed and replaced 11 windows and constructed a handicap-accessible ramp to enable Silvia and David to live more independently and safely in their home. Volunteers also painted the living room, the dining room, and the window trim.

We are very grateful to Wells Fargo for their continued support and investment in our community!