Catholic Heart Workcamp Helps Several Families in Need

We’d like to send a special shout out the Catholic Heart Workcamp who volunteered with us this month.  The team painted three houses, including a mobile home where the person was going to be evicted if the home was not painted.  They also cleaned up a yard that was cited by the City, stained a ramp, and helped out in our warehouse. 

The Team Leads, Jeff Hanel and Mary McLaren, wrote this in a note to us: “We had another great year. Thank you for all you do for our community and for allowing us to share in your mission.  God Bless you, your team, your volunteers, and all you serve!”  We look forward to partnering with you again next year!

Thanks To…

Catholic Heart Workcamp – We were thrilled to host two teams from Catholic Heart Workcamp this month.  One team removed two ramps, repaired a deck, finished handrails on a ramp and installed drywall in a home.  Another team installed new fencing on Minnehaha Ave in Saint Paul. Thank you Catholic Heart!

Honeywell Retired Volunteer Program Ramp Team – Our incredible ramp team from the Honeywell Retired Volunteer Program (HRVP) has helped another low-income homeowner keep their freedom and independence.  HRVP volunteers built a ramp for a North Saint Paul homeowner this month.  We are so thankful for their hard work and dedication!

Thanks To…

Catholic Heart Workcamp – Completed the Wieda Park basketball court project and maintenance on a ramp.

Mariette Cole, Wesley Anderson & Stephen Ivancic – Our incredible Safe at Home team.  AmeriCorps member Chris Lyle said of this team, “Their quality of work is beyond expectations and they are absolutely wonderful people.”

Mounds Park United Methodist Church Urban CROSS Program – These awesome volunteers installed safety modifications to help homeowners stay safe and secure in their homes.

TechDump Event – Thank you again to everyone who donated their old electronics at our TechDump event last month!  The proceeds from this event will help homeowners in need in our community.

Thanks To….

The Old St. Patrick’s Foundation Volunteer Team – these awesome volunteers worked at our warehouse; painted and landscaped for a North Minneapolis homeowner; installed flooring and painted for a St. Paul homeowner; and painted for another North Minneapolis homeowner.  Thank you for all of your hard work!!

The Catholic Heart Workcamp Volunteer Team – for the fourth year in a row, this hardworking team joined us for a week of service and worked on the home of a veteran in St. Paul, organized our warehouse and made other repairs for a single mother of four in St. Paul.  Thanks!  We look forward to working with you again next year!

Mariette, Emily and Brittany – one of our most dedicated volunteers, Mariette Cole, recently teamed up with Emily and Brittany Penning to help finish several home repair projects.  We presented Emily and Brittany with our coveted Green Hammer Award last month to recognize and thank them for their hard work, attention to detail, and commitment.  They have worked on seven rebuild projects in just over six months – thank you!