What Your Dollars Will Do

Do you ever wonder what your donation to Rebuilding Together Twin Cities will do for the community?

$4,000 – Modify bathroom for accessibility (ex: walk-in shower) to improve safety and independence

$2,500 – Install a ramp to provide safe access to the home

$1,000 – Modify exterior steps and entry to improve safety when using a walker

$500 – Provide falls prevention modifications (ex: install handrails and grab bars and remove trip hazards)

$350 – Widen doorways for wheelchair access to allow veterans or individuals living with a disability to return home

$250 – Improve home security (ex: install lockable doors and emergency lights)

$100 – Address fire and gas safety hazards (ex: install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors)

$50 – Install two grab bars in the bathroom for safety

$25 – Install one fire extinguisher

You can help our neighbors in need by making a donation today!