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60 CBRE Employees Volunteer with Us

On August 24th, we partnered with more than 60 volunteers from CBRE to provide repairs for three low-income homeowners in South Minneapolis.  One of the homeowners we helped, Sue, lives with mobility issues.  Sue inherited her home from her mother and does not have the resources to make the repairs needed for her to continue to live safely and independently in the home. Sue has spent her life giving back through teaching, leading drama groups and working with youth as a self-esteem coach, and now, CBRE has been able to give back to Sue by repairing her home.  Volunteers installed low-rise steps, repaired gutters, and painted the living room. With the generous support from CBRE, we were also able to hire a contractor to repair a retaining wall and upgrade the electrical throughout the house.

We also helped Barbara, who has lived in the same home since 1972.  She raised six children in her home and now enjoys time with her grandchildren. After having her leg amputated six years ago, Barbara has to rely solely on others to do everyday tasks that have now become dangerous for her to complete. Her home did not have a full bathroom on the main floor, which forced her to depend on her son and prevented her from living an independent life. She takes pride in her Chippewa heritage and is close to her family.  Volunteers replaced carpeting in the living room with vinyl flooring, painted the interior of the home, and repaired the ramp leading into the house. A contractor will also create an accessible bathroom on the first floor of the home.

Volunteers also worked at Beulah’s home. She has lived in her home for over 40 years and as a single mother she raised her own, now grown, children and fostered many other children throughout her life. She is raising her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and hopes to be able to stay in her home for many more years. Beulah’s home had the original windows, causing heating and cooling bills to skyrocket year-round. CBRE volunteers partnered with us to replace 14 new windows throughout the home.

We are grateful for the support of CBRE and the hard work of their volunteers.  We look forward to continuing this partnership!