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Bring Zack Mohs Home

When Zack was hit and left for dead on an Anchorage street in September of 2012, doctors told his mother Cheryl Young that her son would not survive.  They would try to keep him alive until she could get there.

Cheryl never gave up her firm belief that Zack would not only survive, but that he would someday walk again. After getting Zack through his darkest times, Cheryl had him transferred to the Courage Center in Golden Valley for his long journey back to recovery. She then rallied friends and family around her personal dream – an accessible home for Zack that would accommodate his mobility needs and give him a place where he can continue his recovery.

However, times were tough.  The driver who hit Zack had no car insurance. Zack had no health insurance. Medical bills quickly ate up their savings, and neither Zack nor Cheryl could work.  With no big insurance settlement and no bank willing to give them a loan, Cheryl did whatever she could. House plans were donated, a lot in South St. Paul was purchased and a foundation was put in.  Through her own tenacity, she raised $100,000 towards a $220,000 home.

Last year, Cheryl approached the Builder’s Association of the Twin Cities (BATC) Foundation for help. Her story of steadfast belief in her son and his remarkable progress moved the BATC Foundation to come to Barnraisings and say, “if you can raise $60,000, we’ll match it, so Cheryl can finish Zack’s house.”

Amidst it all, Cheryl was diagnosed with cancer and was in a major auto accident herself.  Please visit Barnraisings for more information about Zack and Cheryl’s incredible story and to find out how you can help at