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Charter Communications Focuses on Safe and Healthy Housing

We were thrilled to partner with Charter Communications to provide much-needed home repairs for Shelly, who lives in Rochester. The repairs and updates provided by Charter volunteers will make it possible for Shelly to become a licensed adult day care provider, which has been her goal ever since she began taking care of her cousin who lives with disabilities. Also faced with a disability that has made it unable for her to work, Shelly found a sense of purpose by taking care of her cousin and would like to give back even more by starting her adult day care for those with disabilities. Volunteers spent the day painting the exterior of the home; installing drywall; improving gutter efficiency; adding a paver sidewalk; installing a firewall between the home and attached garage; and replacing an exterior door.

In addition to this home repair project, Charter Our Community also distributed 250 Safe and Healthy Home kits to residents in Rochester on September 10th and to residents in Duluth on August 31st. These free kits, created in partnership with Lowe’s and Rebuilding Together, included cleaning materials, fall prevention items, and emergency and home maintenance supplies. To read more about this project, please click here.

We are proud to partner with Charter Communications and Lowe’s to help keep residents in Duluth and Rochester safe and healthy!