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Focus On: Safe at Home

Have you heard about our Safe at Home program?  Our Safe at Home volunteers provide home safety and accessibility modifications for homeowners in need who are older adults or are living with a disability.  This service helps ensure that these homeowners can live independently and safely in their homes.

Our Safe at Home volunteers have been hard at work over the last few months!  We’ve helped more than 30 homeowners in need through this program since July 1st, including Donna from St. Paul.  Two of our volunteers repaired her steps and installed new lighting, a doorbell and a smoke detector.  Donna sent our volunteers a very thoughtful thank you note that said, “There just aren’t words to thank you enough for making my home and outside steps safe for me to live in.  You gave me a smoke alarm and a motion sensor light by my driveway. Being a juvenile diabetic for 54 years it would have taken me a long time to recover.  I know the step you fixed this fall, myself or others would have been hurt on.  I know the damaged steps would not have made it through this winter.  I am very grateful!”

If you are interested in learning more about how you can help older adults and individuals living with a disability live more independently in their homes, please contact us at  To learn more about our eligibility requirements or to request an application to receive services through Safe at Home, please email us at