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Have You Heard about NetGiver?

We are helping spread the word about NetGiver, a new giving platform that provides an opportunity for 100% of your contribution to support our work.  NetGiver is a fee-free giving platform powered by the community spirit of credit unions.  Using NetGiver will result in a 7% savings between the fees typically paid by the donor and by our organization when we receive a donation online.

Imagine the difference that 7% could make in the lives of the people we help.

Typically, with a $1,000 donation minus the fees, we can install 34 grab bars or 34 smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. By using NetGiver for your donation, we can take the 7% that would have gone to fees and install 3 more grab bars or 3 more smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. This difference can prevent injuries in the home for more low-income households and will help us fulfill our mission of a safe and healthy home for every person.

We are excited about NetGiver and hope you will consider using this platform to make a donation.  You can make a donation to Rebuilding Together Twin Cities using NetGiver here.

To learn more about NetGiver and the difference they are making for nonprofits, please visit their site at