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Honeywell Ramp Team Completes 75th Ramp

Our incredible Honeywell Retirees Volunteer Program (HRVP) Ramp Team just finished their 75th ramp, and we would like to take a moment to thank and congratulate them on their service to our community! They have built 75 ramps over 12 years, improving the safety and independence of the older adults and individuals living with a disability who live in those 75 homes.

Several years ago, we talked with one of the Ramp Team Leaders, Armand Peterson, about the Ramp Team and how it started. He said, “The retiree ramp project grew out of initiatives started at the Honeywell Retirees Volunteer Program (HRVP). HRVP dated back to 1979, but its mission was to help retirees find volunteer activities in their communities. Honeywell reconfigured its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in the early 2000s…”Housing and Shelter” was defined as one of the key objectives, and Honeywell supported it by becoming a national corporate partner of Rebuilding Together. Paul Parrish solicited retiree volunteers for the RTTC Safe at Home programs, and the ramp projects grew out of these original efforts.”

The current ramp team consists of 21 members who regularly come together during the summer months to build ramps for those in need. Current members include:

  • Bill Berschneider
  • Brad Delapena
  • Vern Draxler
  • Eric Erickson
  • Jim Farley
  • Larry Fisher
  • Rick Johnson
  • Tom Keljik
  • Tim Kennedy
  • Lindsey Kopp
  • Tom Lorentz
  • Mike Meyers
  • Richard Parnell
  • Paul Parrish
  • Armand Peterson
  • Jim Raivala
  • Jasbir Singh
  • Thomas Steidl
  • Ernest Stelzer
  • Glenn Strand
  • Paul Thornton

We are immensely grateful to this team for their hard work and dedication over the years! We simply couldn’t do what we do with you!