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HRVP Ramp Team Completes 40th Ramp!

Our incredible Honeywell Retired Volunteer Program Ramp Team has completed their 40th ramp this month and we would like to recognize them!  As a result of their hard work, 40 seniors and individuals living with a disability can safely and independently come and go from their homes!  Our Program Director Tony Sjogren sent them this congratulatory note: “Congratulations on this milestone. It would be easy to think of this as just a number but it is so much more. It is 40 people who are free to come and go from their home were before they may have felt trapped. It is 40 people who may have regained a bit of their pride back that a disability took away. It is 40 sets of families, friends or caregivers who used to struggle to get their person in and out of a home that was once a barrier.  Please note that when I speak of our ramp team to others, I speak of it with pride and a sense of purpose that each of you built one tread, one spindle, one handrail at a time! Well done… now on to 50!”

Thank you to our incredible Ramp Team, and keep up the good work!