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Moving On: AmeriCorps Term of Service Ends

Rebuilding Together Twin Cities was incredibly fortunate to Alina Stevenson and Jessie Livingston serve as AmeriCorps Project Coordinators with us over the last year.  Their terms of service ended this month, and we would like to thank them for their hard work and dedication.

Alina was offered a substantial scholarship to attend law school at the University of Oregon where she will begin her studies this fall.  Jessie plans to stay in the Twin Cities to attend Augsburg College.

Alina wrote of her term of service, “As I step out of my AmeriCorps years and into my future law career I cannot imagine starting this career without the experience that I have received through AmeriCorps. The hard work, dedication to a cause, communication, leadership, and service skills I have learned are unmatched by anything else I could have done between college and law school. I am very excited to take these lessons into my future to allow me to be the best attorney I can possibly be.  I look back at myself two years ago graduating from college. I am a completely different person; I have grown so much from the experiences that AmeriCorps has afforded me. Some of them amazing, some of them harder than I could have imagined, all of them have created the person I am today.”

Thank you to Alina and Jessie for your hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm over the last year.  Best of luck with this next chapter of your lives!