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New Partnership with Dunwoody College of Technology

Rebuilding Together Twin Cities is thrilled to announce a formal partnership with Dunwoody College of Technology. This partnership will enable us to help even more homeowners in need and provide students with an opportunity to apply their skills outside of the classroom in real life situations.

Students from Dunwoody’s Construction Project Supervision Program have already begun to serve in key leadership roles on both Home Repair and Safe at Home projects.  Five Dunwoody students served as House Captains for National Rebuilding Day on April 30th. In this role, students were involved in all aspects of the home repair project, including previewing the home, planning the scope of work and supervising volunteers on the project day. In addition, 18 students, faculty and staff participated in National Rebuilding Day as volunteers.  Students from Dunwoody are also involved in Rebuilding Together’s Safe at Home projects, previewing homes to determine what work will be done at the home.

“This partnership is a win-win for both Rebuilding Together and Dunwoody College of Technology,” said Kathy Greiner, Executive Director of Rebuilding Together Twin Cities. “We need skilled volunteers to provide the expertise necessary to complete some of the home repair projects and to supervise volunteers working on the project. By working together, we will be able to serve more homeowners in need and provide students with a unique opportunity to use their skills to really make a difference for someone in their community.”

Heather Gay, a Senior Instructor for the Construction Supervision Program, who was instrumental in forming this partnership, said “Dunwoody College of Technology’s partnership with Rebuilding Together Twin Cities is an amazing way for our Construction Project Supervision students to combine field experience with service learning. Our students are able to connect with the communities they live in; essentially, the community is the classroom.”

Rebuilding Together Twin Cities is proud to be partnering with Dunwoody College of Technology to help more homeowners in need live independently in homes that are safe and warm.