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Only 12 Hours Left to Help Yvonne Stay Safe!

Yvonne is a 73 year old woman who lives in East Saint Paul. She is very excited about her new shih-tzu puppy Allie that she adopted from a rescue just over a month ago.  Unfortunately, her garage is peeling and chipping lead paint.  In the interest of keeping herself and her new puppy healthy, Yvonne needs to have her garage scrapped and painted.  Her health is failing, and she can’t afford to do it herself.  Additionally, she wants to ensure that this is taken care of before the risk of a city citation presents itself.

Yvonne’s campaign on Barn Raisings expires today!  She needs $450 and 8 volunteers to complete this project.  Please help us to keep Yvonne and her puppy Allie healthy by making a donation to Yvonne’s campaign today!