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Our Response to the Death of George Floyd

Dear Twin Cities Community,

We have been heartbroken regarding the tragedy that took George Floyd’s life while in police custody, sparking global outrage, pain and divisiveness. We understand that things are broken in our society and stand with those that face discrimination in any form.

Our streets, the streets where we have worked so hard over the last 23 years to make a better way of life for our citizens, have been shaken to their core, and the need to rebuild and come together is more vital now than ever.

Our work to provide safe homes, community spaces, nonprofit facilities, and small businesses that serve community members with the greatest needs is central to what is needed at this time.

To that end, we are working to formalize an organizational response plan so we can assist in the rebuilding process.

Rebuilding Together Twin Cities and our passionate team of volunteers will begin partnering with other local nonprofits and community groups in the days ahead to deliver a sustained, hands-on action plan that will help start the healing process block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood, for years to come.

Our work will focus on mobilizing the skills and resources we’ve developed in rehabilitating homes, businesses and community centers with expert craftsmanship and the hard work of our volunteers in the areas with the most need.

Please watch our web site and social media accounts to learn about how you can help in the days to come.

We will forever stay focused on the work we started long before this crisis and are fully committed to increasing our efforts in making the community better, together.

Kathryn Greiner, Executive Director