Check Out our 2022 Annual Report

Our 2022 Annual Report has been published and you can access it here.

This report is an opportunity to share what we accomplished last year and to recognize our supporters. We also share stories of homeowners and nonprofit organizations that we were able to assist in 2022.

One of the stories we included is about Diondra, who shares her manufactured home with her partner and their three children. The family came to Rebuilding Together Minnesota in danger of eviction because they could not afford to fix the siding. During our intake process we discovered that their furnace and air conditioning also needed to be repaired. The family had been relying on costly space heaters and portable air conditioning units as one of their daughters has a medical condition that causes her to faint if she gets overheated.

With the support of our volunteers we installed new siding and replaced the furnace and air conditioning. This ensured stable housing for Diondra’s family, reduced their energy bills, and directly improved the health and well-being of their daughter.

Please be sure to check out our report and THANK YOU to everyone who supported our work last year!