Thanks To…

Catholic Heart – Volunteers painted a home that had been cited by the City; worked on the Saint Peter Community Garden; cleaned out a basement and did yard work for one of our homeowners; and reorganized our warehouse.

Ramp Team – Our incredible Ramp Team constructed two ramps, including one of the longest ramps we have built to date!

Saint Patrick’s Youth Group from Chicago – Volunteers worked on the Cambric Senior Living garden and helped with a substantial yard clean up project for a homeowner in need.

Thanks To….

The Old St. Patrick’s Foundation Volunteer Team – these awesome volunteers worked at our warehouse; painted and landscaped for a North Minneapolis homeowner; installed flooring and painted for a St. Paul homeowner; and painted for another North Minneapolis homeowner.  Thank you for all of your hard work!!

The Catholic Heart Workcamp Volunteer Team – for the fourth year in a row, this hardworking team joined us for a week of service and worked on the home of a veteran in St. Paul, organized our warehouse and made other repairs for a single mother of four in St. Paul.  Thanks!  We look forward to working with you again next year!

Mariette, Emily and Brittany – one of our most dedicated volunteers, Mariette Cole, recently teamed up with Emily and Brittany Penning to help finish several home repair projects.  We presented Emily and Brittany with our coveted Green Hammer Award last month to recognize and thank them for their hard work, attention to detail, and commitment.  They have worked on seven rebuild projects in just over six months – thank you!