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Thanks to Ehlers Volunteer Team

We would like to send a special thank you to the volunteer team from Ehlers Public Finance Advisors who gave their time to help a homeowner in need this month! We partnered with Ehlers to serve a client named Rita, an older adult who resides in the Nokomis East Neighborhood. She had recently gotten major shoulder surgery and needed assistance maintaining her home. Ehlers showed up in force with more than 30 volunteers and did an excellent job. Together, we painted Rita’s basement, cleaned out her entire garden and mulched it, cleaned out her gutters, changed the grade of soil around her home to help keep moisture out of her basement, and repaired cracks in her foundation. We even did a little work on her neighbor’s yard – we cleaned out their gutters and raked their yard. Thanks to the Ehlers team for giving their time and hard work to help Rita and her neighbor!