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The Mosaic Company Makes Repairs for Former School Teacher

On September 28th, we partnered with the Mosaic Company to help a South Minneapolis homeowner named Bette, a former art teacher.  Bette has lived in her home in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood for nearly thirty years, and she raised her family in that home.  She has works of art displayed throughout her home and loves that it reminds her of an art gallery.  Bette would like to continue to live in her home and loves her neighborhood, but she is concerned about several maintenance and safety issues as she gets older.  Volunteers from the Mosaic Company constructed new concrete steps on Bette’s front walkway, removed several trees and other various brush, constructed a new deckrail system on her back stairs, re-tiled her fireplace, and re-graded the side of her house.

This is the fifth year in a row that we have partnered with the Mosaic Company!  Thanks to the volunteer team who came out to help Bette and to the Mosaic Company for their continued commitment to helping homeowners in need!