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Twin Cities Community Rebuilding Coalition Update

Rebuilding Together is proud to be one of the founding nonprofits leading the Twin Cities Community Rebuilding Coalition (TCCRC), a group of more than 20 nonprofits, community groups, businesses, and associations coming together to address the restoration of small businesses, community centers, homes, arts organizations and other vital assets impacted by the unrest surrounding George Floyd’s death.

TCCRC partners offer business and financial services, new building and cleaning materials, office furniture, and additional resources to impacted businesses and other entities rebuilding in areas impacted by unrest. Warehouses contain supplies for rebuilding efforts, and our directory of services include everything from supply chain and legal to design and business management offerings, along with resources for connecting with financial support opportunities.

Our support is shaped by neighborhood groups, coalition members and the broader community. By listening to the lived experience of those most impacted, we will fulfill the needs of affected businesses and organizations in a manner that directs opportunities to BIPOC-led businesses.

Ways to get involved with TCCRC:
• If you were impacted by the unrest, visit the website to explore available services, materials, loan and grant opportunities, and other resources.
• If you wish to donate supplies, services, or other resources, visit the donation website to learn more about what is needed and how to get it to TCCRC.
• If you wish to support our efforts, financial donations can be made and new TCCRC partnerships can be established through the TCCRC website.

TCCRC partners stand together to create a stronger, more equitable, and more just community, bringing a multi-faceted cross-sector approach to supporting the rebuilding effort. Join us today!