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Twin Cities Community Rebuilding Coalition Update

In response to the social unrest and damage caused by rioting, we joined HandsOn Twin Cities, Heart of America, and Tree Trust to form the Twin Cities Community Rebuilding Coalition. Together, our organizations have more than 180 years of experience in managing volunteers, and we already have nearly 20 additional organizations who have signed on to participate in our Twin Cities Community Rebuilding Coalition.  The partnership has now expanded to include community, economic, nonprofit, association, city organizations and government agencies.  We recognize that the work to heal and rebuild areas impacted by civil unrest is complicated and requires a cross-sector, multifaceted approach.

Our Coalition is focused on volunteer engagement in the recovery effort, and we are also coordinating with local contractors who plan to donate skilled labor and corporate partners who are providing a number of pro bono services and products to help small businesses and nonprofits along these corridors recover, including legal advice, navigating the insurance process, how to hire a reputable contractor, communications and marketing support, architectural consulting, human resources, and technology support.

Our Twin Cities collaboration is focused on building better than before, in a way that recognizes Minnesota’s long history of racial injustice in property ownership, lending, and individual opportunity. Our support will be shaped by neighborhood groups, coalition members, and the broader community. By listening to the lived experience of those most impacted, we will fulfill the needs of affected businesses and organizations in a manner that directs opportunities to BIPOC-led businesses.

We welcome other public, private and nonprofit organizations to join our growing roster of partners committed to building racial equity in the Twin Cities.  Together, we can help our neighbors and neighborhoods recover and heal and build a stronger, more equitable, and more just community.

Find out more about how you can get involved at