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Volunteers from Wells Fargo Help Two North Minneapolis Homeowners

On August 19th and 20th, Rebuilding Together Twin Cities partnered with Wells Fargo to repair the homes of two homeowners in North Minneapolis:

Chloe and Donald have lived in their home for more than 45 years.  All of their children and grandchildren live nearby, and Chloe often watches her granddaughter in their home.  Donald is a veteran of the Korean War, and he’s suffered from some health problems in recent years.

Kaye is a retired nurse and special education teacher.  She was born and raised in North Minneapolis and raised her two kids in her home.  However, staying in her home has become increasingly difficult for Kaye due to some health and mobility issues.

The Wells Fargo volunteer teams made a variety of repairs for these homeowners, ensuring that they can continue to live independently in safe and warm homes.  We would like to thank Wells Fargo for their continued support and hard work to help homeowners in need.  We look forward to partnering with you again!