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Wells Fargo Give Back

We would like to send a special thanks to Wells Fargo who provided another generous grant to us this year to help several families in need!

One of the people we helped is Nicole, who purchased the home she grew up in from her mom. Nicole’s mom still lives there, along with Nicole and her two daughters – three generations of women living under one roof! Nicole is a special education teacher. While she does an excellent job of maintaining her home, when she discovered that her main sewer line was about to burst, the repair was more than her salary could handle.

The grant from Wells Fargo allowed us to fix Nicole’s main sewer line. Nicole said “Thank you, this is a dream come true, I can hardly believe this is happening!”

The fixed sewer line means that Nicole, her mom, and her kids can continue to live in a safe, healthy, and affordable home. Thank you Wells Fargo!