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What Goes into Building 50 Ramps?

On November 6th, we celebrated our Honeywell Retired Volunteers Program (HRVP) Ramp Team and a major milestone – this incredible team recently completed their 50th ramp for seniors and individuals living with a disability in our community!  This got our Program Director Tony Sjogren thinking about what goes into building 50 ramps.  Here’s what he came up with:

Hours of work = 8,800
Metal brackets = 3,950
Screws = 99,150
Spindles = 9,500
2x6s = 1,760 boards
2x4s = 700 boards
Decking = 2,375 boards
Handrails = 650 boards
Sawdust = 154 pounds
Doughnuts = 800 eaten
Coffee in gallons = 50 drank
Sandwiches = 300 eaten
Pizzas = 75 ordered
Lives changed = More than we will ever know

The 50 ramps completed by our HRVP Ramp Team represent an investment in our community valued at more than $325,000 in direct costs, volunteer labor and indirect costs.  We would like to extend our very sincere thanks and a hearty round of applause to everyone for such great work. We are looking forward to seeing everyone next year!