Thanks To…

Catholic Heart Workcamp – We were thrilled to host two teams from Catholic Heart Workcamp this month.  One team removed two ramps, repaired a deck, finished handrails on a ramp and installed drywall in a home.  Another team installed new fencing on Minnehaha Ave in Saint Paul. Thank you Catholic Heart!

Honeywell Retired Volunteer Program Ramp Team – Our incredible ramp team from the Honeywell Retired Volunteer Program (HRVP) has helped another low-income homeowner keep their freedom and independence.  HRVP volunteers built a ramp for a North Saint Paul homeowner this month.  We are so thankful for their hard work and dedication!

MidCountry Bank Helps Homeowners Address Code Citations

Thanks to the volunteers from MidCountry Bank for helping Joan and Robert in Crystal!

Joan and Robert have lived in their home for more than 40 years.  After suffering a stroke, Robert requires 24-hour care which, combined with his medical bills, has prevented the couple from having the funds needed to make the necessary repairs to their garage. The City of Crystal cited Joan and Robert for multiple repairs to their garage that had to be completed by July 31st.

On May 25th, volunteers from MidCountry Bank descended on the garage to make the repairs that Joan and Robert were unable to make on their own, including re-shingling the roof, replacing the window and repainting and repairing damaged siding.

We are extremely grateful for the hard work and support of MidCountry Bank, and we are proud of this long-standing partnership, which as continued for more than 10 years!

Wells Fargo Continues to Assist Homeowners in Need

Last month, we highlighted the hard work and support of Wells Fargo.  Their incredible volunteers continued to give of their time this month, providing much-needed repairs for Gloria in Minneapolis.  Over two days, 13 Wells Fargo volunteers converted a tub to a walk-in shower, painted a shed, installed a step that is easier to navigate, and completed several Safe at Home modifications, including installing CO2 detectors, grab bars, motion lights, and a fire extinguisher.

Wells Fargo volunteers also helped a Maplewood family of seven by installing drywall in the basement of their home. The family’s home had a flood last December, and everyone living downstairs had to move upstairs, crowding the single floor of the home. Now, this family is much closer to living in a safer and healthier home.

Thanks to Wells Fargo for continuing to partner with us to help homeowners in need in our community!