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Stanley Black & Decker Grant Changes Two Lives

We would like to send a huge THANK YOU to Stanley Black & Decker for providing us with funding to build ramps for two very special people – Hannah and Marshall. This grant has truly changed their lives, as well as the lives of the family members who care for them. Here are their stories:

Hannah is 25-years old and has lived with multiple disabilities her entire life. Hannah’s mom is her primary caregiver and requested a ramp to be built at the home they are moving into so she can continue to safely care for Hannah.

Hannah’s Mom Debbie sent us this note, “Thank you Rebuilding Together Twin Cities and Stanley Black & Decker for working together in providing a wheelchair ramp for my daughter, Hannah. It’s a vivid reminder that kindness still stands tall! My heart is grateful. This wheelchair ramp means everything to us. When someone like myself has a daughter with involved disabilities living at home you absolutely require various ‘adaptations’ to accommodate the fragile needs of that special person. Hannah is 25 years ‘young,’ although her cognitive skills are that of a three-month-old. That being said, I continue to share with her the goodness that exists.”

Marshall is 8-years old and lives with cerebral palsy. He is getting too big to carry in and out of the house, particularly for his grandparents who often care for him.

Marshall’s Grandpa Robert, sent us this note: “Not many people have a barrier that prevents a person from leaving their home. That’s exactly what Marshall has. Marshall is an 8-year-old growing boy with cerebral palsy. Marshall is not able to walk, so he has a wheelchair to get around. Marshall’s mom and grandmother have a very difficult time getting him in and out of the house. And because of this, Marshall stays at home a lot. Marshall’s world is very small, a living room and his bedroom. Most weekends he never leaves the house. This is because Marshall is getting too big to carry out of the house and down the stairs. The risk of him getting hurt is very real. This is the barrier that keeps Marshall from doing the things he loves…swimming and traveling. Building a wheelchair ramp for him has opened up the world for him. Now he can have new experiences and make memories like every other kid.”

Check out this news coverage of Marshall’s project:



Thanks again to Stanley Black & Decker for providing the funding for these important projects!