Introducing – A New Way to Help Those in Need

Kickstarter is cool, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could crowdfund something more consequential than smartphone robots and solar armbands?  Now we can, right here in Minnesota.

Launching today, is the first crowdfunding and crowd volunteering site specifically for Minnesota nonprofit projects, and Rebuilding Together Twin Cities is proud to be one of the first nonprofits to utilize this site.

Here’s how it works:  Nonprofits submit the stories of their clients who are in need of something specific.  For example, if a wounded vet was in need of a handicap ramp, Rebuilding Together could submit the story, the need, the cost, and the number of volunteers required to complete the project.  Like Kickstarter, the project would only get funded if the entire amount is donated.  Projects have 90 days or less to reach their tipping point.

The idea of Barnraisings came about a year ago when Jim Rettew won the 2012 Minnesota Idea Open with his idea of “Multicultural Barn Raisings.”  The idea received a $15,000 grant for implementation (in partnership with Rebuilding Together), which supported the development of an online tool to match volunteers with “barn raising” projects. is an independent evolution of that initial idea that embodies the spirit of coming together like a good ole fashion Amish barn raising.  People want to give to people.  They want to have a deeper, more meaningful, and more direct connection to the people they’re helping.  Barnraisings helps them do that.

Check out our homeowner stories at – a new innovative way to connect your generosity to the people and stories that speak to you!