New Board Officers

We are pleased to announce new officers to the Board of Directors!  Paul Mellblom of Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle is the President; Erin Steckler of Voyager Bank is the Vice President; Sutton McGraw of Sutton’s Advanced Cleaning is the Secretary; and Greg Krenz of MidCountry Bank is the Treasurer.

For a complete list of the members of the Board of Directors, please visit our website.

Board of Director Update

We are pleased to announce the officers for the next year:

Bart Foreman – President (continuing)
Paul Mellblom – Vice President (continuing)
Alex Phung – Secretary (new)
Erin Steckler – Treasurer (new)

Congratulations to the new and continuing officers and thanks to everyone on the Board for your service to helping those in need live in safe and healthy homes!