Board of Director Update

We are pleased to announce the officers for the next year:

Bart Foreman – President (continuing)
Paul Mellblom – Vice President (continuing)
Alex Phung – Secretary (new)
Erin Steckler – Treasurer (new)

Congratulations to the new and continuing officers and thanks to everyone on the Board for your service to helping those in need live in safe and healthy homes!


Thanks To….

St. John of the Cross (Chicago Area Church) Volunteer Team – who worked tirelessly for a full week on the Chelsea Heights playground, the Minneapolis REO house and tasks in our warehouse. This outstanding and versatile team did everything from demolition to painting, yard work, carpentry and cleaning.

Honeywell Retired Volunteers Program Volunteers – who came out to pre-build several ramps.  These dedicated and skilled volunteers are helping homeowners in need live more independently and safely.