Honeywell Retired Volunteers Program Builds Ramps for Homeowners Living with a Disability

We recently launched a partnership with the Honeywell Retired Volunteers Program (HRVP) to increase the mobility of the homeowners we serve through the design and construction of ramp and stair projects.   The three lead volunteers on this partnership, Paul Parrish, George Johnson, and Bill Berschnieder, have worked extremely hard on the back end of all of these projects, communicating with homeowners to ensure that designs meet the standards of both the city and the homeowner.

Over the last few months, we have completed the design of four projects and the pre-build on two of the designs that we will be installing later this summer.   During our first pre-build we had nine retired Honeywell volunteers work in our warehouse to construct the ramp sections, and we are hoping for at least that many to return for our future projects.

Paul Parrish, one of the lead volunteers on this project, said, “If you were to average the age of the HRVP Ramp team, it would assuredly be in the low to mid 70s. However, in addition to the wisdom of this old man’s team, there is a wealth of talent and skill for tackling the tough job sites. From site reviews, design, prefabrication to installation, this team of men has done an outstanding turn-key effort. Without fail, there are unexpected site conditions, i.e. allowances for hose bibs, buried cable, limited space, un-level house and a myriad of other site issues, which have been recognized as challenges and each time solved. Maybe it is the realization that sooner rather than later, we old men may be in the need of a ramp; but whatever it may be, the camaraderie and enjoyment of working together is always present.”

One of the homeowners we are helping through this partnership is Pat, an incredibly kind and humble older woman, who has mobility complications and lives in South Minneapolis. She is always incredibly welcoming and gracious with the volunteers.  We are very excited to return later this spring to install her ramp, making it easier for her to get in and out of her home.

This partnership has allowed us to increase our efficiency when collaborating with homeowners and has expanded our overall capacity to deliver these types of services.  Thank you to HRVP for working with us on this important program!