University of MN’s College of Design Repairs Mary’s Home

Thanks to the volunteers from the University of Minnesota’s College of Design who made repairs and improvements to Mary’s home in the Payne-Phalen neighborhood on April 12th.  In her thank you note, Mary wrote, “Thank you to all the volunteers who helped remodel my family home.  I really appreciate all of your hard work, time and dedication.  This house has been a part of my life for 60+ years and with your help my family will be able to keep it for many more!”

It was truly a pleasure to work with the volunteer team from the College of Design and we look forward to partnering with you again!

Thanks To…

HRVP Volunteers – Bill Berschneider, Bill Pomroy, Larry Fisher, Ron Schmidt, Armand Peterson, Roger Kuntson, Paul Thornton, Ernie Steltzer, Doug Gardner, Tom Keljik, Tom Schermerhorn, Dale White, Vern Draxler, Richard Parnell and Paul Parrish – for setting a new record by installing a complete ramp in one day.

American Academy of Neurology (AAN) volunteers who made repairs for two veterans in need on September 17th!

Fireman’s Fund volunteers who partnered with us to help a veteran in need on September 18th!

University of Minnesota Law School students who painted lines on the basketball court at Farnworth Aerospace on September 29th.

Safe at Home volunteers who helped a homeowner in need live more independently in their home.

Students from Dunwoody College of Technology who helped us get ready for our project at the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery.

Taylor Winscher from the University of Minnesota who started as a Warehouse Volunteer.